Welcome to Exclusive Tents

Over the years, we have had numerous clients tell us that they felt limited by the design of the traditional yurt tent. Here at Exclusive Tents, we specialize in the design and implementation of a luxury alternative to traditional yurts. We offer a variety of floor plans and models, giving you the customer a wider choice in alternative accommodation.

Here are some of the differences between our tents and the traditional yurt tent.

4 roofing layers allow for natural insulation.

The tents are easily and quickly assembled onto a deck and broken down.

They consist of individual components that can be replaced as need be. Rarely is a tent completely replaced.

Fabric is a heavy rip stop canvas and is treated with UV protection, an anti rot agent, and a water proofing compound. This has added durability and longevity as compared to cotton canvas.

Tent comes with bull denim inner liner and curtain option.
Canvas walls have a moisture barrier at the bottom.

Lightweight Insulation is available (total R value of 3 when installed) as an optional extra.

Customizable window and door openings allow the customer to meet their unique requirements (exposing a view or closing off the view to neighbor tents).

Our alternative yurt tents range in size from 130 square feet of interior area to 645 square feet of interior area. Check out the individual tent pages on the right. There you will find more specific details and pictures about each tent and a PRICE REQUEST link.

We do have the capability to make larger, custom designs – just inquire on the CONTACT US page for details.

Our luxury alternative to yurt like tents can be found in all corners of the Earth. Make sure to check the WORLD MAP to see if there are any near you!

We at Exclusive Tents pride ourselves in the level of customer service and attention to detail that we offer from first contact until well after setup. We work very closely with our customers to develop and meet all of their ultra luxury accommodation and alternative living needs.